Concrete Resurfacing / Polishing / Epoxy / 3 D Floor specialists, and a fantastic business opportunity! 


Specialist services from a national network of professionally trained, certified and supported Licensees. (In most areas)

Full flake, epoxy floor.Home Sweet HomePolished concrete shopping centerSafety and looksHigh gloss, polished concreteNew Zealand Spray Paving3 D Floors.  Your imaginationAnother famous brand logoPride and joy.

Want your own business with a team you can trust, plus guarantees? Click below:-

Why resurface / polish concrete?(Watch clip) 

  • Safety against slippery flooring
  • Increase property value.
  • Repair and water-proof, which extends its life.
  • A range of cost effective treatments or coatings.
  • Be house proud and transform that ugly concrete.
  • Attract more customers if you own a business.
  • Your own unique, great looking, custom designed area.
  •  Forget about renovating your floors ever again.
  • Be aware of operators forced to use, only one product range.
  • Licensees fix DIY mistakes and offer their 7 year guarantee.


* Clean and seal from only $14 per sq/mt (T's&C's)

Why buy a Spray Pave business? (Watch clip) 

  • Keep your old job, while you build your new business.
  • Work from home, around your family and fun lifestyle hours.
  • Customer leads, contracts, finance and 7 year guarantee. 
  • You can work inside or outside, all seasons of the year.
  • Learn 6 new trades / lifelong skills, all for one low price.
  • A lifetime of support, from a team you can trust.
  • We offer our own finance. No banks needed.
  • Years of experience, clips, info' and guides on the forum.
  • Be aware of business's with fees, product choice and growth restrictions. 
  • Learn the DIY mistakes and how to repair/avoid them. Offer quality work.


* Earn high profits and learn 6 new trades. Only $7,000 + S.P.P.


  Australia's best License Business in this Industry!  You receive:-  a) 6 Trades   b) 3 Guarantees   c) Hands-on training plus all office finance, legal, contracts, marketing etc   d) In-House payment plan   e) Lifetime support    f) Guaranteed minimum $100,000 per year, or your money back.                      
 You have full control of your business, and keep all the profits. No more fees!

Our proven systems are designed to fast-track the right person to their dream lifestyle.

A lifestyle of high profits, independent security, flexible hours, more holidays, new friends and good times.   

Are YOU the right person?

Established and trusted from 1991: Franchisees from 1998: Licensees from 2006:  

Still going strong after 27 years in 2018, helping dreams come true.

Licensees forum to share lots of great information about trades and administration etc..

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