Get a better life with a Spray Pave Business. 

The Industry?  Concrete is poured every day around Australia. They never stop pouring new concrete.

The work?  The problems are. 1) Slippery 2) Drab, 3) Cracked 4) Porous etc  Work is always out there. 

The work place? New and old homes, schools, factories, airports, shopping centers. The list is endless. 

The choices? Inside and outside.  Spray Paving, Epoxy, Polishing etc. Job variety and satisfaction.   

The offer?  From a deposit of only $7,000 + (S.P.P.) you have a complete home business package.   

Our only business, is helping your business!  

View Our 17 Page, Business information pack. 

Epoxy floor in a Court house.

The Spray Pave Training Center.

Our Training Center is where you can learn and profit from these new trades to establish your own complete home business.

Hands-on training and support covering 6 trades, plus the many important issues within the business administration aspects.

We train people from all ages, countries and backgrounds so they may start their own successful home business.

Much more than  just unsupported, basic application from a single supplier. You receive a complete support and mentor programme, covering multi-supplier and full business marketing, legals and adminstration.

Spray pave is available in Canade, New Zealand , South Africa & Australia
Spray pave training

  Countless times we hear our operators say:-  

"I should have started this years ago". 

 Training Dates 2017 - 2018 (Dates can be changed to suit you)

 Aug 9th - 11th  

Dec 13th - 15th
Xmas party :-)

 Sep 13th - 15th  

Feb 7th - 9th 

Oct 18th - 20th  

Mar 7th - 9th 

Nov 23rd -25th  

Apr 11th - 13th 

 Certified one to one training, maximum 4 people,  so book early. 

Part-time or full-time? We chose.
Part-time or full-time? We chose.
Our first business together.
Our first business together.
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