Customers Frequently Asked Questions, regarding Spray Paving.

What does Spray Paving cost?

Prices may start from $20 per sq mt for areas over 200 sq mts with one colour. Final price depends on concrete condition, job size, patterns, number of colours, access, etc. Only after an onsite inspection, will you know the exact price. Quotes are free! 

How strong is it?

Test reports show it is harder than most concrete poured in domestic situations. Countless jobs have been applied across the world, many for heavy vehicle traffic. 

How thick is the finish?

Approximately 1mm up to 4mm. The product is designed for concrete resurfacing only, hence the minimal height. No problems with doors or gates.

Is there a cheaper option?

No! Not offering all the same great benefits of a) safety, b) individual design, c) low height, d) short completion time e) 7 year guarantee. For such a low price.

Does it compare to paving?

Spray Paving is applied over existing concrete. Pavers are usually laid over sand or dirt. There is no comparison between the two.

What about cracked concrete?

Spray Paving is a concrete coating and will not withstand ground movement or a weak slab. Droughts, floods, heavy trucks, tree roots etc are all reasons concrete will move and crack. After applying Spray Paving your concrete will look fantastic, however cracks may return at any time, due to any of the above reasons.   Spray Paving can strengthen and extend the life of concrete and has been used in many commercial jobs for this reason. 

Can you Spray Pave walls?

Yes! Any concrete product can be sprayed. Walls or flat. a) Cement sheets b) Villa board c) Foundations d) Bricks & pavers

Any job guarantee?

Yes for 7 years for the application, by the independent operator. No guarantee for substrate failure (unless your operator also laid the concrete) or material failure (as we don't make them). Many Company jobs are still in great condition since the early 1990’s. Spray Paving should last the life of your sound concrete.

Who does the work?

The estimator is usually the independent operator who undertakes the works. They  remain in full customer contact, and hold the 7 year guarantee.

What about car oil leaks and stains?

Not a problem! Each job is completely sealed. Similar to varnish over timber. Any oil, grease, coffee, red wine spills, you simply apply a mild cleanser and water hose off.

Where can I see a job?

Our list of operators is the 1st place. Then ask your operator where you can view their work. New display sites are constantly being established across the country.

How long does it take?

Depends on the size of the job. An average driveway could be cleaned in 1/2 day, then sprayed over the next two days. The concrete must be dry before spraying.

When can I walk and drive over it?

We recommend 1 day before walking, and 3-4 days before driving. You may need to arrange car parking elsewhere. Leave mats, pots and furniture off for 3-4 days.

Are discounts available?

Usually yes. Especially when operators are establishing in new areas in return for advertising purposes. Discounts available for pensioners, charities and large areas.

I have paint on my concrete?

Most old coatings are removed (a few exceptions) we need to spray on top of the raw concrete to ensure full pentration and ahesion. This may increase the quote price.

What about my own design?

Just what we specialise in! If you can draw it, or show us a picture. We can spray it! Logo’s, Mascots, Emblems, Brand names, Animals, Words, etc, etc.

What will the operator ask me?

What ideas/designs/colours do you have? Access to site? Water and power on site?     No foot and vehicle traffic during works? When are you ready to start?

Can I apply it myself ?    DIY?

Yes you can, if you consider learning a trade! Can you learn to be a Carpenter, Plumber or Electrician, offering a quality job with an independent 7 year guarantee and trained from  professional training  from professional people.                         



Please note:- Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd sells materials, equipment, training and support for independent operators across Australia and O/S. This Company may undertake jobs, only in Adelaide. All other jobs are quoted, undertaken, fully paid to independent operators, who also hold their own independent 7 year guarantee.











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