What does a Spray Pave Home Business Offer You!

The right person can earn up to $3,300 per week. Yes, $100,000 pa. Income Guaranteed.

To do this, we have to offer you a lot more than just basic training without support, or sell you cheap equipment.


Spray Pave can offer you:-

  1. Tried, tested and proven systems.

  2. Those systems have to be supported by a team of experts.

  3. Our only business is helping your business, not just a passing side line.

  4. Enough confidence in what we do, that we offer term payments.

  5. A history of success since 1991. Over 27 years.

  6. Guaranteed work:- Optional extra, available after starting your new home business.

  7. Customer leads:- Have guaranteed customer leads forwarded via SMS & Email.

  8. Customer contract:- Protect yourself from customer litigation via our proven contract.

  9. Training and support:- Our team of 8 specialist people, ready to train & support you.

  10. Job Variety:-  Polish.Stain, Epoxy, Imitation slate, sandstone & timber floor boards.

  11. No Restrictions:- A mobile home business, you work when where and how you like

  12. Keep all profits:- Why keep paying more?  No more crippling fees.

  13. Genuine investment:-  Because the profits are so great, we offer you to Pay As You Go.

  14. Brand name:- "Spray Pave" customers know exactly what you do!
    Choosing to trade under our established name is a great advantage.

Choose your level of investment based on your budget and goals.


The following charts cover all aspects that Spray Pave offer.

Hands-on training:-                            

Home office training:-                                

1) 8 Stage cleaning and preparation process

2) Wet and dry preparation

3) Spray Paving over concrete

4) Spray Paving over asphalt

5) Spray Paving on walls

6) Spray Paving over pebble stone and tiles

7) Staining concrete (acid & water based)

8) Clear and colour sealing

9) Polishing concrete (preparation and application)

10) Imitation:- Timber boards, slate, sandstone

11) Non-slip for steel, timber and fiberglass

12) Non-slip treatment for tiles

13) Waterproofing and moisture barriers

14) Epoxy, Polyurethanes (Seamless floors)

15) Floor levelling machines and compounds

16) Viewing grinding and polishing machines

17) Removal of old coatings

18) Learn how to make your own products

19) Correct use of "spiked shoes and rollers"

20) "Heads, stones, lobes, pads, drums".

1) Income guarantee.

2) Customer leads guaranteed, via SMS & E-mail

3) Trade under an established Brand name and logo.

4) Customer interest free finance

5) Customer contract / invoice (legal protection)

6) Insurance. Public liability, Loss of income etc.

7) Tax records including G.S.T.

8) Sales and marketing. Also DVD

9) Access to all operators contact forum

10) Web site personal portfolio page (upgradable)

11) Imaging software access for quotes

12) 24/7 Call centre, SMS secretary service

13) 24/7 Lifelong support on all issues

14) Flights & accom’ to Adelaide. 1 person

15) Details of suppliers various products

16) Unbiased R&D on new products

17) Business expansion and employing others

18) Marketing and administration pack.

19) Access to TV, and newspaper adds.

20) Equipment guarantees & maintenance

Marketing and Administration pack includes:-

* 6 Display boards * 4 Site signs * 500 A5 Brochures & 15 A4 Brochures

* 5 Spray Pave Pens * 1 Spray Pave Shirt * 1 Spray Pave Cap

* 1 Sales & Marketing DVD * 1 Quotation request book * 1 Spray Pave calculator

* 1 Spray Pave luggage bag * Imaging software contact * 2 Sample masking & filament tape rolls

* 50 Business cards * 1 Customer contract book * Photo Album with 25 example photos

* Access to T.V. add * Samples of all advertising * Web Site, Operator Portfolio page.

  1. Plus 2 days, on site follow-up training.
  2. Operators Guide Book (Bible).
  3. Full support from 8 Head Office staff, plus countless tips from all our operators across Australia and NZ.


 We often hear Spray Pave operators say “we should have started this years ago”.  

Start a better life NOW!

Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd BOX 501 Greenacres  South Australia 5086

1800 688 888


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