Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd was incorporated 30th May 1991

A.C.N. 052 178 588 by the same current Australian owners.

Mid 1980’s  to 30th May 1991

A business name was registered in South Australia as Homecare Building Maintenance (still owned by Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd today) and operated by a successful partnership between Mr Bruce Roberts and Mr Chris Bylhouwer., employing over 20 sub-contractors and wage employees. The business catered mainly for Government contracts on public housing maintenance work with some domestic private work.  Late 1980’s Mr Chris Bylhouwer bought out his partner and continued trading, expanding the business to include specialised coatings.  A new Company was formed 30th May 1991 and traded as Coast River Coatings.

1991 to 29th July 1999

The business continued to grow under Mr Chris Bylhouwer, with the core business focusing on specialised coatings and concrete decorating with its many aspects. Due to this continued growth and specific customer demand, a change of Company name was registered 29th July 1999, to Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd.   During these years the Company was heavily involved in many works of concrete treatments and can offer a guided tour around South Australia of the countless number of successfully completed jobs. These jobs include Shopping Centres, Churches, Abattoirs, Factories, Car Dealership, Airport Hangers, Community Houses, Display Sites, and countless Domestic jobs. With hundreds of thousands of sq. meters of Spray Paving (not to mention profits).   
Spray Pave Australia established themselves as a leading expert Company for the application process in this Industry.

1998 to 2006

Franchises were offered for sale across Australia, New Zealand, America, South Africa, Canada, England, Indonesia and India. Over 150 Franchisees from Australia, New Zealand and America were trained at the Adelaide training centre.  Franchisees soon appreciated the potential profits, yet some were not completely happy with the conditions, restrictions and numerous extra fees.
So as the Company Policy is:-. “Keep the customers happy”   The Franchise system was changed to a License system. The main benefit was, No restrictions plus Operators keep all their profits!

2006 to 2020.

Licenses were offered across all the same countries. Numerous Licensees were trained at the Adelaide training centre. Research and development continued within the services offered to now include Concrete:- Polishing, 3 D Imaging, epoxy, staining, waterproofing, plus more minor trades. Providing a constant range of customer services throughout the year both indoors and outdoors.

2020 to the future

COVID-19 came with lots of uncertainty. Social distancing was in, but made no difference to this industry, as the work was always socially distant. The work flow made little difference, in fact demand increased for our floor hygiene services.  What changed was the introduction of our Mobile Training Services. State borders were closed, so coming to Adelaide for training proved difficult.

Our Mobile training means we will travel to anywhere within Australia and offer the same high quality training services. Yes we bring all required equipment / materials and business systems to your location. There is an extra fee, dependant on the distance, but it also means new Licensees can stay home with their family, or current job. 

New Licensees now have the choice of coming to Adelaide for training, or we come to you. 

COVID-19, May not last for ever. Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd keep adjusting to customer demands. If new Licensees can't or don't want to travel to Adelaide. We will go to them.    

As the public discover the many benefits of concrete decorating and treatments, Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd  ensure their accredited Licensees have the skills and support systems available to them, to be well positioned for this booming industry.Spray Pave Australia have become an Industry leader, offering unequalled advantages in their Business License Opportunity.