Disclaimer for Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd

If you engage this Company or use this website,  including referring to, directly quoting from, or printing any material from it. You are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following disclaimers.  Also this Privacy Policy if applicable. 

There are three separate disclaimers regarding this Company and this web site: -

 1) Materials and Equipment.

Throughout this website there are logos and links to different equipment and material suppliers websites, which all carry their own guarantees.  The inclusion of these  suppliers logos or links does not imply a recommendation or endorse their use, but does show case the range available for customers and our Licensees alike.  Having this unbiased and vast range available, ensures Licensees can offer every customer the very best solution for their individual job.  

 2) Customer information regarding concrete treatments or application of concrete coatings.

Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd undertakes these works only within Adelaide or close regions. If this Company is contracted to complete customer works, it will be completed by a Company employee or subcontractor. Only the Operator /Licensee named on the contract offers a 7 year guarantee, (not the sales person / estimator, unless noted) only over preparation and application. SPA does not offer a guarantee over materials or substrate. Manufacturers guarantee their own materials and concrete substrate can have a range or pre-existing issues, or be prone to a range of other unpredictable issues after a coating application.    

There are many Licensees across Australia that have been trained by this Company to undertake these works. Each Licensee may then, if they chose? operate their own independent business, with no connection back to this Company. Much the same as a student completing a trade Tafe College course. This Company has no control over a Licensees business operations or receives any financial reward from customer jobs.      

As each Licensee is an independent operator, any communication regarding but not limited to: - Quotations, work schedule, warranty, payments, job access etc. Should be directed only to the noted contracted Licensee.

In no event will Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from the services or statements of an independent Licensee. Any defamation reviews towards this Company regarding non-responsible application works, shall cause a litigation response.   

 3) Licensee information regarding the purchase and operations of a Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd License.

Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd offers a business opportunity package with the potential to earn up to, the promoted amounts, based on current material prices and average square meter prices quoted.  The complete package is outlined within this website, and in the Information Pack. The business has a number of conditions know as Confirming The Details.  The main principle of these conditions is that the Business Opportunity is just that, an opportunity. There are numerous support systems with the business including:-  Six days training, Follow-up training,  Optional marketing campaign, Free lifetime support, Finance options, Customer contract protection, Guarantees for leads, jobs and income etc.   However, as with purchasing any business, the success of operating the business is determined by the actions of Licensee them-self?  There are numerous Licensees across Australia operating a successful business and numerous positive testimonials, testifying to the training programme, Company support and independent business success potential.

In no event will Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from the purchase of an independent business License.


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