Epoxy is new a coating that partly penetrates plus protects while sealing on top. The choices are:- Coloured or clear. Solvent or water based.  It can be applied over polished, stained or patterned concrete.  Or chose a flake floor.   Or a metallic floor.

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1: Application process
3: Single garage before
You could eat lunch off this floor
4: Office rooms
Talk about silver service.
5: Display/waiting area
Nothing but the best.
6: Single garage after
Our customers just love the floor.
7: Hairdresser
Beauty to the beholder
8: Retail shop
Is that a marble floor?
9: Chemist
You know you are at the top here.
10: Conference room
When you love your sports.
11: Sports car, Showroom
Looks new after 20 years.
12: Variety store
Who needs wall mirrors?
13. Gym
Make a statement.
14. Office
15. Epoxy flake floor close up

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