Concrete treatments, industry history.

How did the industry start?

The idea of treating existing concrete was probably first experimented with as far back as early Egyptian times. All those walls paintings were really staining concrete. The obvious next stage was floor staining. There would have been many crude methods of preparation and application, however even back then, they realized the many benefits that could be achieved once a reliable system was discovered. 

Those early innovators would have had a strong belief that treatments and or new coatings could be applied with a permanent adhesion. The problems they had, must have been numerous; what with their experimental backyard equipment, product mix’s and applicators that were doing the same, experimenting on jobs.

The preparation and application process evolved from basic cleaning (if any) to hand grinding or basic troweling materials. With the demand for treatments and good looks always present over the years. The equipment, materials, preparation and application process's just had to keep improving. 

The industry today

Thankfully over the years, with new product technology and customers demanding only the guaranteed best, the Industry of concrete treatments has matured into a trade in it’s own right. This Trade maturity is evidenced by the:

  1. The constant demand from the General Public .
  2. Home renovation shows, showcasing the many services available.
  3. The growing number of trades people specializing in only concrete treatments.
  4. Some Government & Commercial building tenders calling specifically for “Spray Pave” works.

Much the same as the General Public know what the skills are for an Electrician, a Carpenter or a Plumber. The General Public is becoming aware of the specialised skill of a Spray Paver. 

Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd are leaders in this field of introducing and training Licensee's in this growing Industry of Spray Paving, plus the many other services. Our ever growing network of Professionally trained Licensee's is sought after by customers around the country, which is also confirmation to the Companies training success and the application success of all those Licensee's.

So over a span of hundreds of years, the Industry has evolved from an idea that resurfacing existing concrete may be possible. To a mature Industry that has gained such a global demand, to the extent that the many concrete services available is sometimes a compulsory requirement, due to it's Safety, Great Looks, Hygiene & Value adding.

Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd, is proud to be the only Company in Australia training in such a wide range of services being unbiased towards any material or equipment supplier. This means all our Licensee's can offer their customers the best possible solution to their concrete treatment issues.