Spray Paving Industry History


The idea of applying a concrete slurry over existing concrete was first experimented with in Europe and America in the early 1970’s. There were crude methods of preparation and application, however even back then, they realized the many benefits that could be achieved once a reliable system was discovered. The only problem was back then, the manufacturing technology was nowhere as efficient as it is today.

Those early innovators had a strong belief that a new concrete slurry of about 1/8 inch or 2mm could be applied to existing concrete, and still have a strong and long lasting adhesion. The problems they had, must have been numerous; what with their experimental backyard product mix’s and applicators that were doing the same, experimenting on customers jobs.

The application process evolved from applying the concrete slurry via a broom or squeegee, then with the advent of “custom work”, “taped designs” and “pre-made stencil patterns” a spraying process had to be discovered to ensure a clear separation between the numerous colours and patterns. With some customers requesting a “paved look” the EARLY DAYS Industry name evolved to Spray-On-Paving, however now in modern days, it's simply named SPRAY PAVING.


Thankfully over the years, with new product technology and customers demanding only the guaranteed best, the Industry of Spray Paving has matured into a trade in it’s own right. This Trade maturity is evidenced by the:

  1. The constant demand from the General Public .
  2. Home renovation shows, showcasing Spray Paving
  3. The growing number of trades people specializing in only Spray Paving.
  4. Some Government & Commercial building tenders calling specifically for “Spray Pave” works.

Much the same as the General Public know what the skills are for an Electrician, a Carpenter or a Plumber. The General Public is becoming aware of the specialized skill of a Spray Paver. 

Spray Pave Australia are leaders in this field of introducing and training operators in this growing Industry of Spray Paving. Our ever growing network of Professionally trained operators is sought after by customers around the country, which is also confirmation to the Companies training success and the application success of all those operators.

So over a span of approximately twenty years, the Industry has evolved from an idea that resurfacing existing concrete may be possible. To a mature Industry that has gained such a global demand, to the extent that the service of Spray Paving with its benefits of Safety, Great Looks, Hygiene & Value adding, is sometimes a compulsory requirement.

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