Aaiyaz Hussain

Aaiyaz Hussain could work on your next project

Aaiyaz was reluctant to leave his young family to come to training. He now laughs about those concerns. He has received the professional training required to operate within the Spray Pave network.

Prior to joining Spray Pave, Aaiyaz worked many years in security. This background ensures his customers are his highest priority. Much of his work is now from repeat and referral customers.

The following photos are a small example of the services Aaiyaz has been trained in, and willing to offer.



Spray Paving is one of the business opportunites for Spray pave home based business operators
Photo 1 Ready for Spray Paving
Operating equipment purchased from Spray Pave Australia, Aaiyax is making the most of his home based business
Photo 2 Removing old surfaces
With equipment and training from Spray Pave Australia, Aayiuz has a great business opportunity
Photo 3 The secret is good preparation
upgraded resurfaces pool surrounds - a credit to the operator & his mentors at Spray Pave Australia
Photo 4 What a difference!
Add value to your property with spray paving by a professional spray paver
Photo 5 Add value to your property
Call a local spray pave operator to achieve these stunning results
Photo 6 Driveway perfection
A job well done, now off to relax - more leisure time in this home based business
Photo 7 Job done
Renovated back verandah
Photo 8 Another happy customer
great colours
Photo 9 custom design
Pround of my job
Photo 10 colour sealing
looks great!
Photo 11 Taped work footpath
Home business buyer
Photo 12 safety steps


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