Password access at bottom of page. Only for accredited Licensees. Regularly updated as needed.   

1) Established name:-  Have naming rights, established since 1991.    

2) Government jobs:- Have access to Local, State and Federal Government contracts. 

3) Customer contracts:- Offer customers a 7 year guarantee, with self protection. 

4) Customer Finance:- Offer customers a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) plans. 

5) Suppliers:- Having a choice of different suppliers means better jobs.   
6) Trade secrets:- Access to years of hands-on experience means getting it right 1st time.   

7) Business Tax and Legals:- Success is also knowing the right paperwork systems.
8) Extra training:- Templates, videos, and training on your own job site are all available.   

9) Trouble shooting:- Any problem can be solved. Knowing the best option is important.  
10) Call centre postcode system:- Update your postcode area for more work anytime. 

11) Employing staff:- Have the choice to employ staff anytime and know how to.   

12) Marketing:- Photos, Videos, TV, Radio ads. Use all the templates anytime.  

13) Sales:- Learning a few basic skills, means more and higher profit jobs.   

All this information is within "Licensee Secrets".
It means our Licensees can offer professional jobs from a complete professional business.