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1) Established name:- Have access to all intellectual property, Est' 1991. Templates of all contracts, marketing, uniforms, etc.   

2) Government jobs:- Local, State and Federal Government contracts can be worth huge profits. Full details how to get them for yourself as a Spray Pave Licensee. 

3) Customer contracts:- You can offer a 7 year guarantee, but still be protected from the wrong claims. Legal protection is very important. Updated when needed.

4) Customer Finance:- You can have more customers with these Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) plans. Our research means you can offer the right specific trade finance. 

5) Suppliers:- Having a choice of suppliers means we can show you which products and prices, are best suited for your jobs. Direct links to only the best suppliers. 
6) Trade secrets:- Having access to years of hands-on experience from experienced trainers will ensure no need for mistakes from day one. Watch videos how to get it right first time. 

7) Business Tax and Legals:- Find out everything for the right business structure for you, Sole trader, Partnership or Company. Plus how to keep business records and reduce your tax bills.
8) Extra training:- We teach six trades, but there are still a lot of associated minor trades, plus more specific details on each trade. Lots more teaching videos to learn from. 

9) Trouble shooting:- Even the best planed jobs can go wrong. Research here to know how to find the answers to the problems. 
10) Call centre postcode system:- Our call centers forward leads to your mobile and SMS via a postcode radius.  Set your own marketing to enlarge or change your postcode anytime. 

11) Employing staff:- If you want a large business with large profits, you will need to know how to employ staff and keep them.  

12) Marketing:- We have assembled numerous examples of advertising. Photos - Videos - TV - Radio ads. Copy and paste, use the templates. use whatever you like. 

13) Sales:- Knowing what, when and how to talk to customers can make a huge difference. If you get the job? and how much you can charge? Our videos & links are like gold to your business.  

All this information combined with on-site training and 24/7 support from a team of "real job-life experience" trainers. Means our Licensees can offer professional jobs from a complete professional business.