Scott Lavis - Davison

Scotty was a Canadian used car salesman. After a variety of jobs for a number of years, he approached Spray Pave Australia looking for help. He learnt many skills then even had his wife and two teenage children working with him.  As he likes to say "All cool now"    Hence his nick name.     Mr "La-Cool".

Scotty briefly did some Franchise selling for Head Office, so still willingly offers support when requested. His dream of starting a Muscle Car Restoration Franchise is getting closer and we all can't wait to see it.   

These are some of his jobs reflecting his style and quirky personality. Look for his trademark smiley face smile Ph 0412 842 671 for more details.




before spray pave

#1 Ready for Spray Paving

after spray pave

#2 After Spray Paving

loving life with spray pave australia

#3 We found real friends @ Spray Pave

before spray pave over clay pavers

#4 Before Spray Pave over clay pavers

after spray pave over clay pavers

#5 I learnt how to spray, clay pavers

Scotty with a better life with Spray Pave

#6 "I will never better, this great business"

before spray pave over clay pavers

#7 Before Spray Pave over clay pavers.

after spray pave over clay pavers

#8 After Spray Pave over clay pavers

Two vans are beter than one

#9 Two vans are better than one.

Draw whats in your head

#10 This drawing was in my head

We can spray what's in your head

#11 The drawing is out of my head

Customers own design

#12 I saw this design so copied it.

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