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$37,500, Plus any equipment?   Or invest via our Easy Payment Plan (E.P.P.)
Minimum deposit:- $3,500.    Plus:- Option 1) $2,500 Guaranteed leads.   Option 2) $1,500 Insurance.  All options deposit = $7,500 Plus E.P.P.

This covers the total business of 6 trade skills, 6 days hands on training, all administration systems, full support systems and return airfares and accommodation (1 Person) to Adelaide training center.  Any equipment may be purchased as an optional extra.  
                                                                                6 Trades are:-
1) Spray Paving     2) Epoxy, flake and seamless     3) Clear and colour sealing   4) Grinding and polishing                          5) Imitation:- timber floor boards, slate, granite and sandstone.   6) 3 Dimensional floors.
Up to $3,500 per week or $170,000 per year. Depends on your effort?  
View our cash flow charts, for a complete breakdown.
Yes! It can be a good way to phase into the business. Keep your old job and work the new business in your spare time. You could still earn up to $2,000 for 2 days work. An average job is $2,500. Completed over 2 ½ days. About 7 hours work per day.   A small 1 day job of 25 sq mts = about $1,000
It could be straight after training.   Have your local marketing campaign start whilst at training, then after your equipment is delivered, you are ready to go. You could quote on the way home from the airport and be earning over $3,000 1st week back, depending on marketing response?
Wash your mouth out. This is a License system not a Franchise. If you have paid in full, why should you keep on paying? There are no more greedy fees or charges! (Only the Easy Payment Plan if applicable) You keep all the profits!
Yes, guaranteed work is available as an optional extra. (Customer signed contract)  Choose from 3 levels. Details in page 10 of information pack. 
The work is classified as "light physical" We don't like to work too hard. No harder than mowing lawns, plus you have product drying times. View our What is the work like page.
The choice is yours, there are no restrictions. Work when, where and how often you like. Treat your business as a part-time job/hobby, or a full-time larger business employing staff. The choice is completely yours.
No need to buy if you already own or can find 2nd hand or chose to hire it. Try before you buy at training. We have a range of quality equipment available if you want to buy from us, or rent to own the full package from only $80 per week.
Learn 6 new trades plus a complete business system. This increases your success chances, plus great credibilty for you. Head Office training for 3 days, plus 3 days on your own job site. Yes we come to you, no extra fees or criteria. Plus our lifelong support for both systems.
You are free to talk to others. We can forward details and you have access via our online forum. View some of them and their work on List of Licensees.
All states and local councils have different regulations which change over time. Noise level and times; Contractors License; Water permits; Insurance; EPA; Tax and staffing laws. You should check the current status in your area, then Head Office can guide you where possible.
Our Team members have over 70 years combined experience. Support covers application, marketing, industrial chemist, product manufacture, Taxes, admin, customer finance, insurance, legal issues, employing staff, business growth, etc.
We offer a $2,500 optional marketing campaign. Guaranteeing you a minimum 20 customer leads at startup, plus all following customer leads FREE FOR LIFE. Or you can save the money as we teach you how to find leads at training.  

If we conduct your marketing, you could have customers waiting for you to return from training, depending on the marketing response?  This is a great kick-start for your business. We combine your local knowledge with our history of success to plan your specific local campaign. We may utilize TV, newspaper, brochures, social media, on-line marketing etc to promote ONLY YOU.
Look for slippery and drab concrete in your local area, (interior and exterior) waiting for your safe and attractive treatments.
If your application is approved? Deposits start from $3,500 without options. Up to $7,500 which includes Option 1) $2,500 for Guaranteed customer leads. And Option 2) $1,500 for 12 mts Insurance policy.
The balance can be paid via our Easy Payment Plan, E.P.P.  with monthly payments from only $333.33 per month.
As there are no on-going fees, so you don't need to keep trading.  However any E.P.P. agreement is still valid. You could pause your business for months or even years. You could sell it for a full price. If you are on the Easy Payment Plan, find a buyer to simply take over the monthly payments, after a new EPP application to Head Office.
Check available training dates and arrange your time away. Send your completed purchase order form or E.P.P. if applicable. If approved? send your deposit, then our friendly office staff will contact you to arrange everything else from there on.
If after 12 months, if you haven't cleared at least $100,000, (before tax) we will refund all your business purchase expenses, less any equipment, freight or extras.

Obviously there are some terms and conditions however if you fully comply, no problems. That's right, if you don't clear before tax, at least $100,00 in your first  12 mts, you are guaranteed to receive all your money back!   How is that for a secure home business investment?    Click here for Guarantee terms.  

You could ask an advisor. However if they say don't do it, would you blindly follow them?
These people didn't follow their accountants advice:-
View:-  Co-founder ignored her accountant’s advice.

We often hear new Spray Pave operators say “I should have started this years ago”  

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