Spray Pave Licensees


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Aaiyaz Hussain. "My background with security, means a secure and professional job."


Allan (Scotty) Davison.  "My family work with me, so life is all cool now" smile


Allen County. "My retail background and experience ensure I offer a great service!"


ANDREW Beaconsfield. "I love doing the custom jobs my customers challenge me with".


Anthony (Tony) Andrew. "Many years in the Army was OK, but now I'm earning what I'm really worth"


Antony (Tony) Hudson. "I might be the oldest guy, but I can show the young guns a few tricks!"


Another social outing Operators, Trainers and families, get together for latest news and more fun!


Architects Designs.   They draw it, we spray pave it.

Barry and Sue.  My work in hospitals never gave me the satisfaction I get from doing these jobs. 

Blake Harrowfield  "After five (5) years and hundreds of jobs, I'm now one of the trainers"


Bradley Purdie "I'm experienced in many areas, but I enjoy Spray Paving the best"


Brett & Belinda.   "I worked on the mines for many years. Great money but Spray Paving is a better lifestyle."

Brett Jones.   "Working on the mines for many years, I know what hard work and job completion really means"


Bruce Cross.   "After completing hundreds of jobs since 2004 most of my work is now referral"

CHARLIE   "Working in Real Estate was great, but my Spray Pave customers love me more."


Commercial jobs!  All available after Head Office Training.


Craig Galloway.  "I have expanded my business to even include excavating work"


Craig Pellatt.  "Everybody loves the signwriting on my van. I've  stopped most of my advertising"


Custom Jobs. Design your own logo, or use any of these. You will enjoy!


DARWIN Boys    "That's right, don't forget the top end. Can't let the rest of the country have all the fun".


Dean Squire  "After many Spray Paving and Epoxy jobs, I now also complete many Waterproofing jobs".

Eoin Knight "I'm experienced in many similar trades, but Spray Paving & Epoxy are the best"


Felix Kajoba. Spray Paving is much easier than installing satellites.


Gary Eustace.  "Spray Pave is my 3rd business. Also my longest and most enjoyable"


Greg and Shane.  "The few times we are not working, you can find us playing cricket."


Harry Wolski.  "Epoxy jobs, Epoxy jobs, Epoxy jobs. My customers just love them all"!.


Hassan Ali Beg. "Westfield, Sydney Yacht club and Bondi Junction are some of my many jobs"


Ian & Jo Delaney. “We spent years in the cleaning industry, so we know about preparation”.


Jamie, Shaun & Mick  A family business. Quality work with lots of laughs.


JASON Ahn.  "My vast retail background ensures a complete client service".

Jeremy  "I enjoy nights at my function centre and just love Spray Paving in my spare time".

John Un. "Working on the mines FIFO was good money, but my new Wife and I wanted a better lifestyle".


Josh & Kim.  "Our small rural community, welcomes our young family and supports our great business".

Jushua Muzzicato "I just love this work and the customers love me. I work hard and my jobs just get bigger"


Kevin.  "Spending years in customer service, I know the meaning "The customer is always right".


Marc Simonet.  "I don't know which is better, job satisfaction or meeting all my new customers."


Murray Dixon.  "I am always proud to be working with my sons. (Except when they catch bigger fish)".


Mark Donnellan  "Since training, I haven't stopped working. Great customers and H/O support"


Mark Kendrick  "I work around the cold weather and have won the Head Office bonus, 3 years in a row".


Mark Suter  "I'm usually booked well in advance, and keep all customers informed of their job dates"  


Michael Lee  "I'm a lifetime local, so my customers get exactly what they want."  


Mick Hunt.   "Trading since 2003, I bring the experience of hundreds of jobs to all my new customers."


Mike Woods.  "A job well done, is all the advertising you need. I have helped with Head Office training"

NEIL Draper   "After years of domestic work and a retail shop, most work now is for local councils. "

Neil Hills   "Customers like my unique "6 star / square design" and I'm very proud to have designed it."


Perry Cook    "Adding Spray Paving to my existing epoxy knowledge gives me more opportunity"


Pravin Pindoria. "Living many years in India and Kenya, helped develop my creative style"


Richard Li    "Having Spray Paving is great to promote within the Chinese community"

Robert McPherson    "I was being transferred, so bought a business to stay in my home town.

ROBERT Baum    "I just love creating the transformations. Most of my work is now recommendations. 

Roger Ellsworth    (Read my testimonials) "I was that busy, I actually had to cancel my advertising, twice!"


Rolley Jones. "Most of my work now, is referrals from old customers. Makes for an easy business.

Som Raju.  My Fiji family all want Spray Paving back home.


Scott Thompson. "Working for local builders is a large part of my business now"


Scott & Natalie. "We are both in our early 20's but we have creative ideas and the customers love us!"


Shane Willment. "Working with my partner means sharing the busy work load, so much easier."


Steve & Sabine. "The customer is always right, is the saying that keeps our business growing."


Terry Lockett. "I'm proud to be an "Ageing gracefully POM". Working keeps me fit and young"


Warwick Crutcher. "Living and working around farms for most of my life. This work is a breeze" 

Disclaimer:- Spray Pave Australia Pty Ltd trains each Licensee, much like a trade Tafe College. Also like a trade Tafe College, each Licensee then has the opportunity when, where, how or if they operate a business. Each Licensee is an independent operator carrying their own guarantee, with no liability connection or financial reward back to this Company.  Note other disclaimer.  This list may not show all current or past Licensees. The many variations include:- a) Chose not to join this list.   b) Busy so not promoting.   b) Not active.  c) On holidays. Please contact Head Office for latest know information.